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Welcome to SunnahMarriageUK, a new and unique way of searching for suitable candidates for marriage, adopting methods that adhere to the correct sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu alaihai wasalam and the divine instructions given to us in the Qur'an. This service can be used by MUSLIMS around the UK. You can register yourself to be added into our ever growing database of candidates and search the database with multiple criteria options to make sure you find the spouse that meets your preferences insha'allah.

The correct way

Many Islamic marriage websites already exist, but most of them don't follow the CORRECT Islamic way of searching for spouses. For example, on these websites you are allowed to chat to as many people of the opposite gender as you wish. This is completely forbidion in our religion, as can be understood from many verses from the Qur'an, and by observing the ways of the Prophet Muhammed [p.b.u.h] through many authentic hadith. For now, you must register before you can search through the database. There is a small fee of £2 to propose to a candidate. This prevents the user from going against the sunnah and allows them to commence the pursuit of spouses in an orderly fashion.

Unique selection of candidates

Want to find a spouse who is devoted to the deen? Look no further! Our database is filled with people who pray 5x, follow the sunnah and are devoted to our religion. This is possible because before the database was implemented into this website, it was growing, being processed and accessed in a way where it was not available to the general public. The entire database started on WhatsApp, a very popular chatting mobile application. Only people who personally spoke to the person responsible for the database had access to it, and personal contact info for candidates were not given out without the supervision of the database owner. This has resulted a unique filtering of candidates where most of them turn out to be devoted to deen and sunnah.


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  • Those that wish to gain EXTRA reward are welcome to make a financial contribution towards this NOBLE Sunnah Marriage UK service Inshaa'Allah